We are Travis and Jodi, and have a small breeding program, located in South Dakota.  We absolutely love this breed and spend all our time and devotion to them. We still learn more about them every day and their quick learning abilities. They are a small dog, but have the personality and characteristics of their much larger counterparts. These beautiful animals are known for their personalities and loyalty to their families. They have an excellent breeding background, and we hope to be able to bring that to you. We know that once you have experienced the love and devotion of a Toy or Mini Aussie, your heart belongs to them. To love a dog, and have that love returned to you, is a very special part of your soul that will remain with you always.
Dakota Toy Aussies - Travis with puppies

Dakota Toy Aussies - Travis

Travis: I grew up in Northwest Iowa on a farm. I attended college, and in 1997, graduated with an Ag-Business. I own and run a trucking business. Jodi and I have 5 children, ages 11, 10, 9, 8 and 6 years of age. We live near Fairview, South Dakota, and raise a variety of animals. These include heritage wattle hogs, beef cattle, chickens, cats, goats, and these wonderful little Aussies. They love being around all the other animals as much as we do.



Dakota Toy Aussies - Jodi and Cinch

Dakota Toy Aussies - Jodi

Jodi: I grew up on a ranch in Western South Dakota. My family raised Red Angus cows. We kept between 300-400 cows at all times. We rode horses to round them up, and to check on them during calving time. We always had a milk cow, sheep and dogs. I attended college at South Dakota State University, and took many classes in Animal Science. I ended up graduating with my degree in Horticulture in 1998. I went back to the ranch for another year, before moving to Randolph, Wisconsin. There, I went to work for Jung Seed Company, as the perennial propagator. This means I started and grew all of the perennials for the catalog and retail store. When I met and married Travis, back to South Dakota we came. We now live on this wonderful farm, and enjoy our children and all of our beloved animals, and lead a rich and full happy life.